Jaco Real Estate Agent- REMAX Oceanside Testimonials

We want to take this opportunity to thank the staff at REMAX Oceanside Realty for helping us find and purchase our beautiful condo in Jaco Beach Costa Rica. Our agent was upfront and honest from the beginning. He is well known and trusted in the community of Jaco.  He informed us about the culture and history of Costa Rica, which helped us make an informed decision to purchase property in Costa Rica. Even after our closing was said and done, the REMAX Oceanside team made themselves available to assist with many other questions we had.  Our real estate agent not only helped us make the right investment decision, but we now consider him a “friend”. He went above and beyond his call of duty, and we would recommend him to anyone who is looking to buy property in Costa Rica! PURA VIDA!

Jim and Tammy G, Brunswick, New York


We have known the team at REMAX Oceanside Realty in Jaco for several years. Our agent was helpful, intelligent, honest, reliable, responsible, and is fully aware of the local events and culture, which is an important asset to assist those who are new to the area. We cannot say anything negative about her! We relied on her a lot in the early years when we were purchasing our home in Hermosa, but now, we look forward to seeing her every time we visit Costa Rica as she has become a member of our family. You are in good hands with REMAX Oceanside helping you!

Kei and Michael G, Maryland, U.S.A.


The staff REMAX Oceanside Realty: I just wanted to tell all of you how much I enjoyed dealing with your real estate group in the purchase of my condo in Jaco. I have bought and sold a lot of properties in the US over the years, but I have never experienced a realtor or real estate company that has given me the service that you guys have. I think anyone that is buying property in a foreign country is going to experience the inteptridation that I did, but after spending an hour with the Broker and his staff, I had no concerns whatsoever and the transaction was as smooth as any I ever had in the US. Thanks for spending the many days and hours you spent taking me to the many properties we looked at. I think your clients need to know that what is different about your company is that once the “deal is done,” your service does not stop. From arranging for a decorator and painter to helping me open a bank account in Costa Rica to personally taking me to meet my neighbors, I feel you went well beyond the “call of duty”. Your network of people to do anything that is asked of you is second to none. Thanks for introducing me to all of those people and arranging them to work for me. Although I value you guys as my realtors, I value you more as my friends and always look forward to seeing you when I come to Jaco. I fell in love with Costa Rica, and Jaco in particular, not just because of the beauty of the country, but also because of the beauty of the people and you guys are great ambassadors for the people. My thanks to you all. Pura Vida!

Wes W. from Texas


Thank you to REMAX Oceanside Realty in helping me purchase my retirement property in Costa Rica. You were very professional and kind. This was my first trip to Costa Rica and I didn’t know anyone. Having REMAX Oceanside working for me made feel like they were family. I found the perfect property at the perfect price (even better than we thought we would find and in an excellent location). I definitely will recommend the REMAX Jaco team to everyone I tell about Costa Rica. I am looking forward to my new home and new friends and now I can’t wait to retire to Costa Rica!

Frank B. from West Virginia, USA


Working with the team at REMAX Oceanside Realty has been fantastic! Their knowledge of the Jaco area (and all of Costa Rica) was extremely helpful in helping us ultimately decide on the right property. The professional and patient approach used to ensure we found exactly the right fit was very much appreciated. In addition to helping find the right property, they went out of their way numerous times to help with the new day-to-day challenges of learning a new area. Thanks Oceanside for all your help!

John and Cathy M. from Denver, Colorado, USA


You have been a tremendous help and encouragement to us. To have someone like you on our side makes things much simpler. Thank you. – You get the first Pina Coloda in the new condo!

Sylvia from New Jersey, USA


It’s great to have someone with your experience, generosity, honesty and work ethic as our partner in Costa Rica. You made the buying process so much easier, helped us avoid some properties that weren’t deeded, pointed us in the right direction with a trusted Costa Rica attorney for due diligence and legal, were there to help us set up our bank account, coordinate furnishings, appliances delivery, etc.. Also, we know you searched high and low to helps us a great deal. We now know how to pay our bills online!  Thanks for the extra time you spent helping us transfer bills into our name from the previous owner, paying our taxes, and with translations.  We would be lost at sea without land in sight if it wasn’t for all of the assistance from your team at Oceanside. We can’t thank you enough!

Ron and Susan, USA


My wife and I have been visiting Costa Rica for many years and were in fact married in Costa Rica. We started out in the Tamarindo area of Guanacaste, but ventured south a couple of years ago to Jaco. We were utterly surprised at the good infrastructure and how comfortable it was in Jaco and when we decided to purchase, it was Jaco beach that held our attention! Our real estate agent at REMAX Oceanside Realty worked some very creative terms and we purchased our three bedroom condo on the beach at a great value. Without His assistance, we would be renters – not owners. We recommend the REMAX Jaco team  to anyone wanting an honest approach with great service in a market that still can be a bit like the wild west of real estate.

John and Joanne, British Columbia, Canada


I just wanted to put on record the excellent service my wife and I received from Ken and his team at REMAX Oceanside Realty. We went to Jaco not knowing exactly what we were looking for or where we wished to be located. Ken and Jonathan drove us around the whole area for two full days and showed us lots of different properties, patiently explaining the pros and cons of each one. However they never tried to influence us to one particular property, but tried very hard to find homes that matched our criteria. They allowed us to take as much time as we needed to look at each property and the surrounding area and took us back two and three times to ones we were interested in. The excellent service continued after we had made our choice, as they continued to supply us with all the information we needed and answer all our questions. They even looked after us on subsequent visits throughout the purchasing process. It was a real pleasure to work with a team that were there just to help us find what we were looking for, rather than trying to push us into buying what they had for sale. As a result of the care and great service we received from REMAX Oceanside Realty we have a home that we are very happy with and look forward to visiting on many vacations before eventually retiring there. I wholeheartedly recommend REMAX Oceanside Realty to any potential property buyer in Costa Rica.

Yours truly, Stephen H., Bermuda


My family purchased a condo from Ken Schaafsma and REMAX Oceanside Realty. We travel to Costa Rica several times each year to enjoy the uncrowded pools, uncrowded beaches, uncrowded restaurants. It is so refreshing to get out of the rat race in New York and enjoy the pura vida of Costa Rica. We are used to going to places that are so over-run by tourists from North America and abroad that we were never able to relax and enjoy. The fishing is great, the food is great and we love the Costa Rican people. We also feel very safe. My retired mother has enjoyed our condo alone with no fears! Finally, our home has held its value throughout the downturn of the US economy.

Aggie and Chris and family – Long Island, New York, USA


Ken, thanks to your advice and assistance, I withdrew funds from my IRA in the US to purchase Costa Rica Real Estate (a condo) in Jaco. My US portfolio is worth 50 percent less and continues to be volatile, but my Costa Rica investment has held its value (and increased some). In an essence, you made us 50% (plus) on our investment! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Kathy, USA


My wife and I purchased a condo in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica in preconstruction in 2005 and moved in when it was complete in 2007. We spend several months each year in Costa Rica and have had numerous family members and friends visit. They all love it here as do we! We chose Jaco because of the variety of restaurants, long, flat beach, beautiful mountains, nice people, low cost of living. The dental is also awesome. I had a crown replaced for $250 by a very professional dentist in a sterile office with new equipment. We have our home in Costa Rica for our winter retreat, our house on a lake in Ohio during the summer. We truly have the best of both worlds! 2011 update…After coming to Jaco for several years now, Bruce and Luanna still love it and tell me it is better every year. They have now upgraded to a larger beach condo in Jaco. Jaco will be forever their winter home!

Bruce & Luanna, Ohio, USA


I am a seasoned real estate investor in the US. Without the assistance of Ken and REMAX Oceanside Realty, I would have never purchased the oceanfront home in Jaco. Ken stuck with me through two years of looking at property until we found the one that met my criteria! Costa Rica is a wonderful place and I enjoy spending time there, but the laws are different than buying in Virginia. I love the culture, but the cultural difference and missed communication that would have occurred without Ken and Andrea at REMAX Oceanside Realty would have cost me thousands of dollars! REMAX Oceanside Realty not only helped me with the purchase, but they were there after the purchase assisting me with opening a bank account, forming a corporation, property management, repairs, bill paying, etc.! Thanks to Ken Schaafsma and REMAX Oceanside Realty, I am the proud owner of my beach side getaway in Jaco, Costa Rica. My new favorite word is, “Pura Vida!”

Jack from Virginia, USA


My husband and I bought a condo from Ken at La Paloma Blanca. Prior to purchasing, we searched throughout the Caribbean and even Belize. We enjoyed each location and found nice places to visit, but not anyplace we wanted to spend a substantial amount of time. Then we came to Jaco and REMAX Oceanside Realty. Two years later, we are even more thrilled and love it more every day! Jaco Beach, Costa Rica has a magical touch. I am a very busy government employee and my husband is in sales. After only a couple of hours in Jaco, I can truly relax! We would recommend Ken and Andrea at REMAX Oceanside Realty to anyone. Thank you, Ken we are so happy with our second home and we can’t wait to retire in the near future as we will be able to spend a lot more time there!

Therese and Cullin from Seattle, WA, USA


Shirley and I purchased a condo in Jaco, Costa Rica only a few months into our retirement. Owning international real estate was always a dream of ours and Ken and Jon of REMAX Oceanside Realty made it possible by providing valuable and timely assistance at every step of the purchasing process. Their personal commitment to providing us with good information allowed us to make an informed decision. REMAX Oceanside Realty made our condo purchase something special. We are in constant contact with both Ken and Jon and we look forward to working with them again.

Willie and Shirley from Huntsville, AL, USA


We are experienced real estate Developers and Investors in Canada. We went to Costa Rica thinking that our experience in Vancouver, BC would be enough to purchase and develop real estate in Costa Rica. Wow, were we wrong. Costa Rica had no Multiple Listing Service, there is no real estate licensing, the rules and regulations are unclear and the market is rapidly changing. We appreciate all that Ken and his team have done for us before, during and after the sale! We have recommended REMAX Oceanside Realty to our friends and family in Canada. Ken’s honesty and integrity, real estate knowledge, experience and great work ethic will make your real estate experience a good one! Pura Vida!

Norm G. and Ryan S., Vancouver, BC, Canada


Tina and I purchased a home from Jon and Ken from REMAX Oceanside Realty in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica a couple of years ago. We first purchased it as a vacation rental property, but love Costa Rica so much that we have made it our home. We now live in Costa Rica 365 days a year. I am a working professional from Canada and am able to work from abroad with my broadband internet connection and my Voice Over IP telephone. We have since added an addition to our family, a son that was born in Costa Rica. The healthcare at CIMA hospital is amazing. We are so glad for all that Ken and Michele from REMAX Oceanside Realty have done to assist us in making the transition to full time residents!

Sean and Tina, Ottawa, Canada


REMAX Oceanside Realty has been the reason we decided to purchase a condo in Jaco, Costa Rica. We can’t say enough about the customer service we experienced then, and still do today. Ken Schaafsma put forth the time and energy it took to show us everything available and to make us feel confident and comfortable in making our international investment a reality!

Thank you Oceanside, Jim & Kerry I. from Michigan, USA


“We’ve spent three months enjoying our condo and have since learned the service Ken’s office (REMAX Oceanside Realty) provides is well known in Jaco and is the standard others try to meet.”

Mike and Debi from Oregon, USA


Ken, Am I missing something here or is this a pretty shweet deal??? Can’t thank you enough.

Jehanne from Maryland, USA


Hey Ken, I really appreciate the low key, upfront and honest manner in which you let me explore the properties we looked at (and which we ended up buying). I am very happy with my properties and would be more than happy to provide a testimonial for your website. I just don’t know if I can express my gratitude in less than a page! ((thank you Leonard — you just did!))

Leonard from California, USA


It’s not easy visiting a new country by E-mail and the Internet. Especially when you are considering a Real Estate investment. No pun intended, but it’s all very “foreign” if your not a familiar with the ‘lay of the land” Unfamiliar government,new rules, questions, questions, questions….That’s where Ken comes in! Once I had spoken to him, asked for his help in some research in the Jaco Costa Rica area, was confident in his abilities and knowledge, I knew I could ask my husband to fly there, and that Ken would assist him in making a sound, potentially profitable purchase. We purchased a great condo! My husband and I highly recommend Ken for his honesty, his integrity, AND his professionalism.We also feel we can call him a friend….Thanks Ken!

Paulette & Gary from California, USA


Ken, Can’t thank you enough for your insight and guidance. You assisted my wife and I in purchasing a condo for investment purposes through our IRA and helped to make the process very easy. We are pleased with our purchase and look forward to doing more business with you in the future…Pura Vida.

Kathy M. from Michigan, USA


Customer Focus!

Bob and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you [Hannah Rico Fletcher], your hubby, Shawn, Joyce and the others who were involved in the Central Pacific Tour with International Living. You set a very high, and excellent standard for customer focus!

Donna – Saint Augustine


“Like Having Family”

CONGRATULATIONS Ken and Hannah!! IT’s amazing, knowing both of you and realizing that you will both be working together… wonderful people both of you!! Doing business with you both is like having family!! not like a pressure salesman we had earlier in our stay.

I know with the melding of Oceanside Realty and REMAX Jaco Beach, people will get what they want. You both listen to what the customer wants and you look at the listings and find the right place for the buyer.

Virginia and Russ, Canada


Such a spectacular experience

I am sure you will love Costa Rica. I went there for the first time with my husband 5 years ago. We took the organized Caravan tour, 8 days coast to coast. It was great, we liked everything there, the beautiful nature, mountains, oceans, colorful plants and animals. Since that trip we started planning our retirement in Costa Rica. Last March we went to Jaco to look at some properties. First we focussed on visiting the new developments and looking at land to purchase. Before the trip we explored the new developments like Vista Pacifica and Hacienda Matapalo on the Internet and everything sounded promising. But in person it was a different story. It will take another 20 years to develop these areas, what they have on the websites is completely different from what they are selling. After looking for 2 days with high pressure sales representative we decided to change realtor. We also wanted to see existing homes because the development idea was definitely not appealing to us.

We spotted this nice little house close to the ocean. It was a REMAX Jaco real estate listing, so I called her to schedule showing. We met our REMAX agent by the house, she took us inside but we did not like the layout. We asked her if we could see other properties in our price range. She spend two days with us. She is very professional, she knows the market, has a lot of experience and real estate knowledge. She is nice, friendly and patient, a pleasure to spend time with. She helped us to find and purchase the perfect house. She arranged everything to make the closing smooth, even without our presence, we couldn’t attend it. She also has a degree and many years of experience in interior design. I am coming to Costa Rica next week and she will spend with me 4 days helping me to furnish the home, buy appliances and everything we need. We highly recommend working with REMAX and have no doubts that they will help you find your dream house.

Enjoy Costa Rica and good luck

Olga and Robert Kolodziejczyk

Bloomington, IL


Selling property in Costa Rica.

Our REMAX Costa Rica agent was very helpful to my husband and I. She helped us set up our corporations as well as getting us a lawyer we felt we could trust. We have bought a couple pieces of properties from her in the past 5 years. As far as Costa Rica, I love it there. The people are very friendly, and I just love the area around Jaco. I hope I have been of help to you.


LaQuitta Shipman


I couldn’t be more please with the process

Our REMAX Agent represented me in the acquisition of two building lots in Playa Hermosa; I couldn’t be more please with the process and its outcome and I highly recommend her services.

I started searching for a house or building lots in early 2007. We looked at numerous listings prior to settling on the Valle Perdido development. There, we made an offer for a house, but backed off during due diligence. We finally acquired two lots, and are currently in the final stage of design. We hope to break ground in a few months and move in in early 2012.

Throughout the process, our REMAX Agent has been there for us. She was able to identify potential properties and fit them into compressed schedules during my visits to the Jaco area. She provided color on developments and areas, as well as the legal and commercial aspects of buying a property in Costa Rica. Her services proved even more valuable once we settled on the two lots we eventually bought: negotiations, financing, and references to legal professionals. Once the properties were acquired, our REMAX Agent continued to assist in the project as we met with architects and builders. She continues to be heavily involved in the project as it moves forward.

Nimi Natan, New York


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