Affordable Costa Rica Property (under ($150000)

Paradise Condos Jaco Beach Costa Rica s
Affordable Costa Rica Property (under $150,000):  Paradise Condos, Jaco Beach

Buying Real Estate in Costa Rica has never been so reasonable.

Recently we had some real estate investors looking for a property that they could use as a vacation rental.  Instead of buying a luxury condo they wanted to investigate more affordable Costa Rica property.  Since they wanted to buy a few income producing properties with their budget we keep the price range under $150,000 for each.

The most successful strategy to buying a vacation rental property is what I call the “renter filter”.   Once you identify your target renter you can easily list all the positives and negatives for each property on the market.

Will your renters have a car?  Do they travel more in couples or b

The Market watch below of “affordable Costa Rica property” includes condos and homes in the Jaco and surrounding areas.

Contact us with your guidelines and we will be happy to do the same for you. 

$65,000 Paradise C29 Jaco Beach Condo
$65,000 Paradise C33 Jaco Beach Condo
$75,000 Tropical 59 Jaco Beach Condo
$79,000 2 br in Hermosa Hermosa Beach Townhome
$89,000 Paradise P1 Jaco Beach Condo
$115,000 Jaco Princess Condo ½ BR Jaco Beach Condo
$125,000 Corteza Del Sol Quebrada Seca Condo
$129,000 Club Del Cielo 1 bedroom Jaco Beach Resort Condo
$129,000 Jaco Princess Villa 1 br Jaco Beach Condo
$135,000 Costa Linda Jaco Beach Condo Tower
$135,000 Las Monas House Las Monas House
$147,000 Costa Linda 3br Jaco Beach Condo Tower
SOLD $149,000 Corteza Del Sol Quebrada Seca Condo
$149,000 Opera Salvaje 2br Hermosa Beach Home
$150,000 Casa Adrian Quebrada Seca Quebrada Seca Home

Looking for something in particular? Let one of our REMAX Oceanside local experts help you sift though all the information you are finding online.   Give is a very detailed description of the property type, lifestyle wish list and requirements.  With these parameters we can help you narrow down your search.  [Click here]. 

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